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a) My happiest day
-When did it happen?
-What happened?
-Why was it my happiest day?

a) My saddest day
-When did it happen?
-What happened?
-Why was it my saddest day?



Each one of us has had good and bad moments in our lives that make us feel happy or sad. During my life I have had many happy days and some sad days and these have helped me to see this world in a different way and to learn new things each day, for example that life is not always a bed of roses because there will be excellent and awful things in my way. Because of that I have been getting the necessary experience to face any problem that arises to my life. In the following paragraphs I will share my happiest and saddest day since I consider both marked the way I live.

Firstly, I will talk about my happiest day since I think that I just like to remember those days. It was on June 22th 2009 when my husband and I decided to live together and we travel to Guanajuato. Two days before we were on Leon Guanajuato, but I liked the most the last day when we knew the city. In the morning we took a guided tour bus which gave us a journey around the place; we visited “La Casa del Tio Chueco”, Museums, “Hacienda de la Inquisición”, among others. At the end of the day, we walked down on some streets of the city while we talked about future plans, we bought ice cream and after that we arrived to the “Callejón del Beso”. Someone told us the legend about the young couple that was in loved and died when they were kissing each other and the person asked my husband if we wanted to kiss in the third step of the stair and he could take a picture to remember that moment. We decided to have a memory of that and we have the picture and I love to see it because many memories come to my mind. That was my happiest day since I did not think about problems and I enjoyed each minute laughing, playing, kissing, etcetera. Moreover, I felt excited because that was the first time I had gone there and it was beautiful.

Secondly, I will share my saddest day. It happened on December 30th 2002 when I lost three members of my family; they drowned in the “Presa Marte R. Gomez” in Tamaulipas. Two of them were my uncles and the other one was my cousin. They went to fish in the afternoon and while they were far away from the border, a tornado started and the boat sank, so they died. My family and I had to wait a day to see them and their bodies were with us the next day at 8:00 pm, in that moment I had the worst time because I ran to the coffins and I saw their faces, that was horrible I cried and screamed a lot, they could hear me, I just wanted to see them alive. It was my saddest day and the reasons are obvious; I felt depressed like if life did not have sense because even though it was seven years ago, the house is empty and my family and I miss them. The sadness lives in a part of my heart.

Those two last paragraphs described my happiest and saddest days which are very important for me. To know Guanajuato along with my husband was incredible because we had a good time and I will never forget it. Bad moments are also difficult to forget and if I remember that, I feel depressed again, that is why I try to think about the moments in which they were present and made jokes for me because I still love them and they are inside my heart. Each second of my life gives me a new experience and that makes me mature little by little; living in this world is not easy because I have had many obstacles in my way, but through the time I have learnt from them.

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  1. -1st Paragraph:
    that arises into* my life.
    -2nd Paragraph:
    to remember that* day*.,June 22nd*, in* Leon ,while we were* talking*, in love*
    3rd Paragraph
    could not hear me*
    Nice Essay.Be careful with long sentences and punctuation.